JHT Materials is a One-Stop-Shop for metal-related materials. Our product lines as stated below are manufactured according to ASTM, JIS, DIN, etc.


We handle all forms of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (e.g. Beryllium Copper, Brass, Phosphorous Bronze, Nickel Silver, Aluminium, Pure Nickel, Specially-Plated Steel, Stainless Steel, etc), available in strip, cut sheet, wire, rod forms, etc.

We can also supply Selective Plated Materials. These are mainly copper, or nickel, alloys selectively plated with Tin(Sn), Nickel(Ni), Palladium Nickel (PdNi), Gold(Au) for use in electrical contacts, terminals, miniature motors, signal and functional switches. Other plated materials commonly available include Reflow Tin Plating, and Hot-dip Tin Plating.

  • Non-Ferrous & Ferrous Materials
  • Overall preplated and selectively plated materials
  • Reflowed Metallization (TM) Process
  • Wire plating
  • Photochemical Etching
  • Clad Metals
  • Specialty Metals


We specialize in technically advanced materials for producing Electronic Devices. These range from electronics components products (e.g. Capacitors, Connectors, Indictors, etc) from our renowned manufacturers, to customized materials specially developed for the production of electronics sub-assemblies. Examples of the latter include Conductive Pastes for printing of membrane switches and silver through-hole (PTH) PCBs, to TAB Tape / CSP Substrate for packaging of semiconductor devices, and Customized Terminal & Connectors.

  • Renowned Brand-name Connectors
  • Customized Terminal & Connectors
  • Conductive Pastes, Silver & Carbon based
  • Ferrite/ Magnetic Cores
  • Lead-wire, Terminals & Pins
  • Inductors

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