Our connectors and sockets fit the needs of modern, automated, printed-circuit-board assembly operations for machine placement, surface mounting and reflow soldering.

Working with world renowned connector makers, our comprehensive product range will definitely fit your interconnect needs.

Customised Terminals and Connectors

Should you have any special interconnect requirement that is not available commercially. We can also offer customized terminals and connectors, design and manufacture to your specification.

Conductive Paste

One of the advanced materials that JHT Materials supply for electronics application is Silver and Carbon based conductive pastes.

Manufactured by Chang Sung Corporation of Korea, these are ideal for use in:

    PCB Silver Through Hole Plating
  • Membrane Switches
  • Flexible PCBs
  • Electronics Components (Inner Electrodes)
  • RF Shielding and et cetera

Ferrite / Magnetic Core

We also handle Ferrite & Magnetic Core. These are basically distributed air gap cores produced from ferrous alloy powders for low losses at high frequency.

We can provide both hard or soft magnet cores for applications in

    PCB Silver Through Hole Plating
  • Choke Coil
  • Inductor
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuits
  • SMPS
  • High Q Filters, and et cetera

Lead-Wire / Pin / Terminal

One of the Electronics Materials that JHT supplies are terminals, lead-wires and pins produced by precision forming of wires. We can supply these in Oxygen Free Copper (OFC), Brass, Phosphorous Bronze, Dumet, Steel-in-Copper Casing and more.

Machined to customer required specification, our terminals & pins are essential parts for electronics components like diodes, rectifiers, bridges, connectors, capacitors, etc.


Designed for EMI/ RFI attenuation, our inductance products are specially suited for high frequency, and large current application.

Following are the types of inductors available:

    Choke/ Coil
  • SMD Components (EMI/ EMC)
  • Multilayer Ferrite Chip Inductor
  • Multilayer Ceramic Chip Inductor
  • Wirewound Chip Inductor
  • SMD Power Inductor
  • TOKO Surface Mount Ferrite Fixed Inductors
  • SMD Power Inductors
  • TOKO DE Series (DExxxxC)
  • TOKO D28xxCB Series
  • TOKO Metal Alloy Power Inductor
  • TOKO FD Series
  • TOKO Multi Layer Power Inductor MDT xxxx Series
  • Panasonic Power Choke Coil (PCC for DC converter)
  • PCC Metal Composite (MC)
  • PCC - NX1/ NX2/ NX3 Series Product

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